VIP Applicant
Hello, OP want to be Paid member in MSC. Well, you came into the right place.

$15 (Lifetime)

After you send a payment, you can PM an admin MrStar

Benefits of becoming a paid member include:
[*] Lifetime Upgrade
[*] 2000 MSC Points
[*] Ads in the left corner will be removed
[*] Ability to change username without time limit
[*] Ability to edit/delete your own topic/post
[*] Ability to lock , unlocked , merge , delete and split topics.
[*] Ability to see hidden members
[*] Ability to use special characters in username
[*] Access to all sections
[*] Additional private message space of 500 additional message (Total: 600)
[*] Bold yellow username
[*] Eternal happiness acquired by supporting this corporation
[*] Special award for being MSC VIP
[*] Special supporter MSC VIP rank
[*] Eternal happiness acquired by supporting this corporation
[*] You will be belong in the VIP List. See HERE

Features of VIP Section:
[*] VIP Discussions - Where every private discussion of MrStar are posted here. No one knows what discussion lure except VIP.
[*] VIP Freebies - Where we post our private accounts, serials, paypals, credit card, VPS, VPN, Bank login, VCC and so on. Post it here.
[*] VIP Hacks/Programs/Monetizing - We post paid programs that are cracked by pro's. We share complete hacking tutorials how hackers hack anything. We also include money making guides that are very unsaturated and unique.
[*] VIP Request - Where you can request whatever you wanted. We will try to look at our best.

Payment Options:
[*] Paypal

By joining our subscription service you agree that you will not use any information from this site for illegal purposes. Any information provided is strictly for educational and entertainment purposes only. MSC does not promote illegal activity and we are a computer enthusiasts site dedicated to helping its members gain knowledge and understanding of computer security. By subscription you fully understand that what you are gaining is extra forum abilities and nothing of monetary value. Abuse of Paypal accounts or stolen credit cards will have their accounts closed immediately and the proper authorities notified. We take fraud and abuse very seriously. Upgraded accounts are non-transferable and cannot be shared. We reserve the right to close any account without notice for any reason.
You are about to begin the process to purchase an upgraded account.

Important Notes:
1. All accounts are manually inspected before upgrade.
2. Any fraudulent data used will result in the closing of your account.
3. No refunds.
4. It may take up to 24 hours to complete your upgrade.
5. Do not contact us unless you have waited 24 hours and you must provide your payment SS ( Screenshot ) w/ proper details.

Further info contact MrStar